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Ephesians: Life in Christ

Ephesians—Life in Christ Bible Study, Sunday 9:15 AM Three weeks ago in Sunday morning Bible Study, we began studying Paul’s letter titled Ephesians. This letter does not address specific problems in a congregation; rather Paul gives an overview of what … Continue reading

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Table Talk 2014-02

Last night’s question seemed simple enough, but led to a wonderful series of questions and answers (and timelines and diagrams!) The question: How much water is required for Baptism? As often the case, there are questions behind the question. And … Continue reading

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Fred Cable

We lost a brother in the faith Monday night when Fred Cable died at his home; but he received the crown of life. He is survived by his wife, Donna. Fred had just had knee replacement surgery on June 9, … Continue reading

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SMLC Confirmation 2014

Here are a few shots of our confirmands at our service May 25. God’s richest blessings to Cyndi, Justin, Pam, Tyler, and Walt. We are partners in the Gospel (Phil. 1:1-17).

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ER Bible Study 05

Last week we covered Law and Gospel (again!). But the study was worth the time because we added two new dimensions to the discussion that affect us in our living in and studying end times. Law and Gospel Review God … Continue reading

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Spiritual growth according to Ephesians

In the past few posts I have looked at quotes and discussions related to spiritual growth. Now, let’s go back to Ephesians and take a look at what it says. “In Christ” The phrase occurs 37 times (in some variety) … Continue reading

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More than a building

Last Saturday we held the open house with free breakfast for the community. Thanks to everyone helped out, cooking, serving, cleaning. Well done. The focus on the open house was not the building, and not even us as a congregation. … Continue reading

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Table Talk Summary 07/25

Small group, but excellent discussion:   Question about “Morning Star” referring to Satan in Isaiah 14:12-14 and then in Revelation 22:16 referring to Jesus. Key: what is the word pointing to (the referent in each passage)? The King of Babylon … Continue reading

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TTW — Wednesday 6:30 PM

Our first session of Table Talk. This is not reading the book by that title concerning Martin Luther. Rather it is following the pattern that he set, namely an informal gathering around the Word. It is a time to refresh … Continue reading

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Fruit of the Spirit—Gifts of the Spirit

Last Saturday our Basics of the Christian Faith class focused on the Fruit of the Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit. This was a helpful and enlightening study of two important topics. Sadly there is a temptation to ignore … Continue reading

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