Discipling Ministry focuses on God’s work at Shepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church in Frazier Park, CA. We are gathered around God’s Word and Sacraments to be strengthened, comforted, and equipped to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our congregation is a member of The American Association of Lutheran Churches (TAALC).

What is most important? Justification (alone) by grace (alone) through faith (alone) in Jesus Christ (alone) (this is the chief article by which the Church stands or falls)

What is the source for determining that? The Bible (God’s tool to inform us about what is most important and to form us in our life together)

Our purpose is to make disciples with a three fold aim based on Matthew 28:16-20:

  • Receiving God’s gifts and responding with worship and praise (Matthew 28:17)
  • Growing in our faith and knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ (Luke 24:45-46; 2 Peter 3:18)
  • Speaking the Gospel to those who do not yet confess the faith (Matthew 28:18, Luke 24:47)

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