Something to reflect on

Who are we as the Body of Christ? Sometimes we let others define us, rather than Scripture. There is an individual aspect to this question, as well as a community aspect.

The most important aspect is that God is the initiator in every one of our lives: forgiving, renewing, restoring, and reconciling us to himself and to one another.

The following photo emphasizes the result of God’s initiatives. That has implications for how we respond to God’s love.

We do All Well


All because God does…


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  2. Thank you, Pr.Rich! Good news we all need to hear. I think the challenge for us in this age we live in -is to define who we are as God’s people in His wonderful grace. I was teaching an Inter-denominational Bible study in Yuma this week where we had a pastor from another denomination show up and try to convince us all -that God’s grace comes to us when we make the decision to accept Christ, and the blessings follow. I think we call that ‘decision’ theology, not Grace.
    Peace in Christ!

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