ER12 Prophecy 3

Prophecy 3: Limits of prophecy

This post is a summary of items covered in previous posts about prophecy, but this serves as a quick reminder.isaiah

Four ways that prophecy should not be used

  • To satisfy human curiosity
  • To determine the specific day of the end
  • To disregard the historical factors related to the original prophecy
  • To disregard the covenant with Abram

Six ways prophecy should be used

It should lead to…

  • Repentance
  • Firm faith in the true, living God
  • Peace
  • Quiet faithfulness as we watch and wait for the redemptive acts of God when He ushers in the fullness of the true, everlasting reign of Christ
  • Clear, calm, courageous evaluation of the arch enemy of God, Satan, and the forces of evil arrayed against God and His people
  • Clear sighted recognition that the battle lines in history have been drawn as written in Genesis 3:15

The next section will cover linear and recapitulation as interpretive grids for understanding Revelation.


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