Why is it Holy Week?

Join us for worship this week. This is the highlight of our salvation. Bring a friend.

English: Description: Left Apsis: Jesus enteri...

Jesus entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Fresco in the Parish Church of Zirl, Austria.

March 24: Palm Sunday

 We follow the journey of Jesus into Jerusalem to great praise and honor!

Confirmation: Seven adults will be confirmed (and three more on Thursday)

March 28: Maundy Thursday (7:00 PM)

Jesus institutes the Lord’s Supper

Confirmation: Three adults will be confirmed

March 29: Good Friday (7:00 PM)

Good Friday

Good Friday

 The cross has been Jesus’ goal. The horror, the suffering, the abandonment—all for us, sinners!

March 31: Easter Sunrise (6:30 AM)

March 31: Easter (11:00 AM)

Jesus raised from the dead! His victory over sin, death, and the devil is ours by faith!

Let us walk together from the cheering crowds to the jeering crowds, from the adulation to the agony of the cross, to the empty tomb. Jesus did it for us.


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