Marriage—Outdated? Attacked? Precious

Marriage: What comes to mind? The beauty of a wedding ceremony? The attacks on marriage in recent news? The factors within marriage that threaten marriage? Or something else?

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Are our views on marriage influenced by the culture in which we live? Is marriage even viable in our culture? Listening to many, we might get the impression that marriage needs to be “expanded.” For others, other arrangements are equally viable. What is the Christian response to all this?

Marriage can be a hot topic, even a painful topic for many. This Sunday’s theme is taken from Ephesians 5:21-33. Paul writes about the relationship between husbands and wives, which reflects the relationship Jesus has with the Church. What kind of relationship do you have with Jesus? With your spouse? With family members who are married, divorced, separated?

Come worship this Sunday at SMLC. We will receive God’s gifts of mercy and grace. We will sing and praise our God. And we will explore what God reveals about marriage, no matter what your individual circumstances are.

Food for thought:

Law and Gospel

Law-Gospel DiagramMarriage Foundations


How relationships develop



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  1. Forwarding this to a good friend of mine whose son is about to announce his engagement and to Cyndi.

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