Fall Bible Study: Old Testament Survey


Bible Study Opportunities for Everyone

This fall to parallel our use of the Narrative Lectionary, we will have the opportunity to study the Old Testament. Not in detail, but an overview, that means we will not dive into every text nor will we cover every aspect of the texts that are covered. See the attached OT Reading Guide (no questions in this preview!).

English: Based on Flavius Josephus' (ca. 100 A...

English: Based on Flavius Josephus’ (ca. 100 AD) geographic identifications for the Sons of Noah.

You do need to register (sign up sheets at church), so we can make enough copies of the study guide for everyone. Every participant needs a study guide! This also serves as the first year of Confirmation for students of that age. Also, this is not limited to church members. If you know others who would like to attend, let them know, so they can register.

The course will be 12 weeks in length, beginning the week after Labor Day and ends the week before Thanksgiving. Two classes will be offered:

Wednesday at 7:00–8:30 PM in Pine Mtn Club (Sep 5 – Nov 21)

Thursday at 6:30–8:00 PM at the church (Sep 6 – Nov 22)

The first week I will introduce the process and a few preliminary topics that will help throughout the study.

Each Week

Each week the participant will have six days of readings (see the attached) with a series of questions that can be answered only using the Bible. There is no need for a study bible or extra tools. Just use your Bible. This is also why each study needs his or her own study guide. You answer questions based on your reading of the text, not someone else’s readings or answers.

The seventh day is our class meeting. Here I will tie together all the week’s readings. I will also provide additional information on the readings, but may not cover all of that.

I have taught this course for more than 20 years, and the response has always been positive. People begin to grasp the broad sweep of the Old Testament and can then put things into perspective.

Look forward to seeing you—in the Bible!



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