The visual reality of unpacking…

Has it already been seven days since we drove the truck into the driveway??? Yep, that’s right, last Friday about this time we were seeing our house for the first time (in person, not in pictures). Here is a little update on our unpacking and settling in. The unpacking photos below are not pretty in terms of the “picture perfect home.” But when is unpacking ever that? Besides, it is a gift from God that we cherish and share with you.

Truck backed into driveway for the unload

Here is the truck backed into the driveway, ready for the unload. What a relief to get to this point!

Welcome home!

What a nice welcome by Bonnie and the women of the church! Inside were more surprises: several books about the area, goodies to eat, and some whole wheat bread, peanut butter, and homemade Strawberry Kiwi jam! How did they know I liked PB & J??? Hmmm, Shan? Also, a nice bottle of champaign from two special couples in the congregation. And a special gift of Danish butter!!

Our garage is getting full!

This is our living room littered with boxes and furniture. After unpacking, it doesn’t look this good — yet!

Our living room that isn’t for living yet!

This is the neatest that the living room has looked in five days. Today, we finally see some progress.

Final thoughts:

the house is much nicer than we thought, much bigger. And a special thank you to all who pitched in to work on getting it ready for us: Frank and Shan, Paul and Charlene, Swarthout’s, Schroeder’s, Betty, and the list goes on. And we thank everyone for your prayers as we packed, loaded, traveled, and unloaded.

This is home. We sit on the porch in the late afternoon with a cool breeze, gazing at the mountains to the south, and marveling at God’s hand in every step of the way. Each night we like the sounds of a quiet neighborhood, but with the friendly manner of all our neighbors. This is beyond our wildest dreams for a new home and ministry.


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  1. E. Elliott says:

    Looks like a lovely new home! Better yet you have such wonderful, GOD-filled people to share your new life with. Know that all will be put away someday and that you can relax and enjoy the peace of knowing you are where GOD wants you to be.

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