3rd day of travel … long but beautiful

We slept a little later this morning (6:15 AM Central) and took our time getting going (8:45 AM Central). Here we are ready to begin another day:

Rich checking the truck and trailer

Cindy ready for another adventurous day

Then we drove to Grand Junction to have the truck checked, after the long mountain experiences of Colorado and before the Mojave Desert. The people at U-Haul were extremely helpful; one checked the oil, water, brakes, and replaced windshield wipers and filled the washer fluid. Then another checked the air in all tires—three of the four on the trailer were slightly low (not dangerous). All in all, a very good stop. We both felt much more comfortable starting this part of the trip.

What can we say about Utah? It is beautiful, long, and desolate. We stopped at a rest area (yep, those are needed on long trips!), and I snapped these two shots.

The beauty of Utah


A centurion in the desolation

Tomorrow, an early morning. We will leave about 4 AM to beat the heat of the Mojave Desert. We look to be in Frazier Park by 1 PM (Pacific time). Yay!!!


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2 Responses to 3rd day of travel … long but beautiful

  1. David and Heather Swarthout Jr says:

    “On the road again, just can’t wait to be on the road again….” See ya soon!!! Woohoo!! DJ and Heather

  2. E. Elliott says:

    Praying for a good finish to this trip to your new home and Church! Take time to enjoy the scenery and keep us posted. Looking forward to a time when we can visit there. Blessings!

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