First night on the road

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Hays, KS in Ellis County

First night on the road. The truck was loaded by noon, and we left Independence by 1:20. We are staying in Hays, KS about 280 miles of driving today. Hot, hot, hot!!! Salina was 108°, Hays 106° (not Heat Index, straight temps). And it is still 101° at 8 PM.

One scary moment — the hood of the truck was not latched on either side (poor check by U-Haul !), and when a gust of wind, an opposing truck on interstate construction, and a major bump, … well it flew up about 3 ft into the air. It almost swung into the windshield. Thank God, we were not hurt. I managed to get it latched properly!!

We’re coming!!!

Our truck is 26’ (like this pic) and we are pulling a trailer with the car on it.

Thank you for your prayers as we venture forth into the wild blue yonder… or as it is more commonly called, California.


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