Twelve Days until …

the entrance to the town

Destination: Frazier Park

Wow, it is coming up so soon … yet not soon enough. Twelve days until we load the truck, load the car, and begin the wagon train route across country.

Cindy and I are very excited about the new life in Frazier Park and our life with all of you. We have moved many times over the past 40 years, so in that sense, we have been there done that. But in another sense, this one challenges me, maybe because I am older and slower? LOL Nevertheless, we praise God for his faithfulness, his leading, and his work in our lives and in your lives.

In the meantime, we pray for those who are traveling to Estes Park, CO next week: DJ, Bri, Carlos, and Justin. And I will be there as well. May God keep us all safe in the midst of our travels.


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