Discipleship — Witness

It is fascinating to observe the trends of the 20th century regarding evangelism or witnessing. In mid century, the mass event (think Billy Graham Crusade) was considered the way to go. A study of statistics with that approach was that only about 3-4% who became committed disciples of Jesus did so through this effort.

Then there was a shift to sending evangelism teams of 2-3 people door-to-door making “cold calls” or speaking to someone “cold turkey.” Again, the statistics weren’t any better. It is one-on-one contact with people that accounts for 95% of those who confess the faith.

As disciples, we look to Scripture for examples of witnessing and we find that it consisted of one disciple speaking about Jesus to another person, almost always a friend or family member, who then shared with another friend. In the book of Acts, we see that pattern followed by a phrase such as “and the word of the Lord grew” or “the Lord added to the number. In other words, it was speaking the words of God about Jesus Christ that the Holy Spirit used to reach people, bring them to faith, and then growing them to maturity in that faith.

Consider one example of witnessing in John’s Gospel. Woman at the Well, a modern presentation of reaching people for Christ.


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